World Class Diving in the Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan Dive Trek specializes in putting together a custom itinerary for you allowing us to offer the perfect adventure or getaway always with an off-the-beaten-track cultural and natural focus.

The Mexican Caribbean Trail has so much to offer above, on and under the water year-round.

We are experts on putting together a custom itinerary offering the perfect adventure or getaway.

We are the premier outfitter for multi-destination all over the Yucatan Peninsula providing access to the best, most unique and exclusive opportunities while offering seamless logistics buy twitch followers and world-class pre-trip support, catering to individuals and groups alike.

We have years of experience organizing SCUBA diving vacations, big animal encounters, off-the-beaten-track cultural and natural extensions in the Mexican Caribbean coast and have developed a proprietary network of partners and systems that allow us to offer you these trips as an integrated product, fully customized to your needs, wants and budget.

We manage a variety of diving packages and accommodation options as well as anything else you would like to add to your trip and have developed a portfolio of unique destinations away from the crowds for every taste.

In short, we can create the trip of your dreams!

Discover Our Most Recommended And Unique End-To-End Packages

With an overwhelmingly beauty both underwater and land, the Yucatan Peninsula is a year-round holiday destination for nature and adventure lovers. Let us plan an extraordinary trip to our most recommended off-the-beaten-track destinations, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with the whole family!

Whale Shark – Cenotes
& Ruins Summer Package
Sailfish – Bull shark
& Cenotes Winter Package
Cenotes–Xcalak–Calakmul–Valladolid Year Round
Whale Shark, Crocs, Cenotes
Bull Shark – Cenotes
& Ocean Dives in Xcalak Winter Package
Cancun Dive, Xcalak & Cenotes Year Round Package

Our Featured “Must Do” Expeditions

Experience from a peacefully encounter with the large and gorgeous Whale Sharks in warm waters to pure adrenaline interacting with the impressive American crocodiles! Don’t forget that we can always combine any trip with diving at the clear crystal waters of the cenotes.

The American Crocodile has a high tolerance to salinity, similar to the salt water crocodile, Cocodrylus Porosus. The American Crocodile is a relatively large…

This skin-diving experience is suitable for everyone, even small children and older adults. The waters are almost always dead calm and the Whale Sharks calmly…

Guided cavern tours are a wonderful way to experience the cenotes in just one day. No special certification is needed, only good buoyancy control and…

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