The Mexican

Has some of the world’s best and most diverse diving and big animal encounters in very close proximity. Each and every one of these attractions is worth traveling half-way around the world for, therefore, being able to experience many of them in a single trip make this an extraordinary experience that ranks high amongst the best a diving and nature lover can have.

Divers and nature lovers the world over regularly travel great distances at great expense to witness spectacular or rare natural formations and wildlife.

Pristine off-shore atolls with the largest and healthiest reefs in the northern hemisphere that are also home to the largest and most pure population of american crocodiles, remote national parks with unique dive sites where one can interact with manatees on the reef, schooling tarpon; the world’s largest underground cave systems, whale sharks, schooling sailfish, bull sharks and more await.

As lucky as we are in terms of having acess to a great variety of diving oportunities, a few of these attractions are seasonal.

For this reason there are, in essence, three types of attractions. Summer or winter attractions, and year-round attractions. Depending on when you want to travel, we can put together an itinerary based on what is happening at that time of the year, or advise you on the best time to come to experience a certain type of attraction(s) on your bucket list.

During the summer months (May through September), it is possible for us to organize Whale Shark encounters at the site of the world’s largest congregation. This is a skin-diving activity where it is possible to see up to a hundred animals in a single day.

Also during the summer months is when we run american crocodile encounters in the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve, where we have exclusive access to a restricted area of the Reserve, thirty nautical miles offshore an already remote area in the southern part of the Mexican caribbean, near the border with Belize. We outfit some of the world’s foremost big-animal operators.

We run these trips from our main facility in Xcalak, located within the Xcalak Reef National Marine Park, where we have world-class diving, including opportunities to interact with manatees on the reef and large schools of tarpon.

The cavern and cave diving available here is far and away the best and most diverse in the world, allowing for years of diving over multiple visits before a person runs out of dive sites.

The Yucatán Peninsula is also renowned the world over for it's cultural heritage. The area has ancient Mayan ruins and cities, as well as colonial towns and remarkable land-based natural attractions.

Over the years, a great many of our customers have asked us to recommend off-the-beaten-track cultural and natural extensions into the mainland Yucatán Peninsula, either out of personal interest or to compromise with non-diving spouses, family and friends. We have developed a portfolio of unique destinations away from the crowds for every taste.

The Mexican Caribbean Trail has so much to offer above, on and under the water year-round that we are able to, with enough information, put together a custom itinerary for you allowing us to offer you the perfect adventure or getaway.