Cavern & Cave Diving Overview

Cenote diving unique experience

The Yucatan Peninsula is well-known in the dive community for its thriving coral reefs, stunning beaches, and rich culture.

However, some of the best diving is nowhere near the ocean.

Deep in the jungle, divers can enter Peninsula’s extensive flooded cave system through openings called cenotes.

Cenote diving is a unique experience, divers won’t see colorful reef fish or coral, but the cenotes have a different sort of beauty.

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the greatest number and variety of cave and cavern diving sites in the world.

Divers can spend an enjoyable day learning about cenote diving, or they can easily spend an entire week cenote diving without running out of dive sites.

The water is crystal clear, and divers are treated to stunning light effects, rooms full of intricate cave decorations, marine fossils, and even (occasionally) a glimpse of the elusive cave blind fish.

We offer unique cave and cavern diving experiences; tours are operated as a very personalised experience, catering to each individual’s specific needs.

The day begins with a thorough orientation to cave or cavern diving, including the explanations of the specific environment and techniques used to safely dive in the cenotes.

We find that divers are much more confident, and enjoy the dives more, when they have a good understanding what they are looking at and what they are doing.

The offering goes from guided cave and cavern tours for all levels of divers as well as training in the overhead environment.

Yucatan Dive Tek’s partner offers TDI Cavern and Cave Training at all levels.

TDI is a world-recognized technical diving organization that provides top-level training to those interested in entering the overhead environment.



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