Guided Cave

For certified cave divers, the Yucatan Peninsula offers an unparallelled number of cave diving sites, all within about a one-hour drive from our cave diving center. There are hundreds and hundreds of dives to be done; huge power-cave passageways, intricately decorated shallow caves, side mount caves, and stunning haloclines. Cave diving in the Yucatan never gets boring, because every cave and every dive is different. The proximity of a great variety of cave allows divers to visit multiple sites in one day, or to spend the day exploring different areas of a single system.

All cave dives are conducted using 32% nitrox (unless otherwise requested), and can be done in either side mount or back mount configuration. We offer stage diving for certified cave stage divers, deep and trimix dives for technical divers, and even scooter diving. We can accommodate divers of every level; there are even a huge number of dive to be made at the Intro to Cave/ Basic Cave Diver levels. An of course, should divers be interested in learning any of the cave specialties, we are happy to help!