Fly Fishing

The town of Xcalak also remains as one of the best-kept fly-fishing secrets in Mexico. There are three very different fly fishing areas in close proximity: the Caribbean coast, the mangrove lagoons and the edge of the bay, all part of a carefully managed national marine park (Xcalak Reef National Park).

Each area has different characteristics, so when conditions are not ideal for fishing in one place, there are two more nearby for potential success. With experienced local guides and the safest, driest and fastest boats in Xcalak, XTC Dive Center provides a convenient base for flyfishing trips all over the area. The variety of fish species you will find in these tropical waters extends beyond the expected bonefish, tarpon, permit and snook.

Huge snappers abound on the coast, in the mangrove lagoons and in some of the deeper waters at the edge of the bay. There are also several species of jacks, barracuda in all three locations, and many trophy-photo candidates in the bay. Large ladyfish, which rival tarpon in tenacity (and are one of the most fun species to catch), readily snatch lures all along the coastal shores.