XTC Tec Diving is the only self- sufficient facility on the entire Mexican Caribbean coast that can offer Technical diving support as a one-stop-shop. We have developed a dedicated facility with purpose-designed equipment storage areas, classrooms, workbenches, fill station with booster pump, a large stock of top of the line Apeks regulators for rental, doubles, stages, side-mount tanks, CCR tanks, high-pressure oxygen fills, as well as boats specifically designed for technical diving. The currents are very mild and the dives breathtaking, making Xcalak the perfect location for Technical diving in warm waters. We are able to accommodate large groups of technical divers providing seamless logistics.

We have several very experienced Technical diving instructors on staff and have access to a network or many high-caliber Technical and Cave diving Instructors and guides that allow us to scale our Technical operations to whichever level our clients need us to. We are also able to provide support for Technical diving instructors, being able to put together a cost- effective package that includes all associated logistics, including diving, gas fills, equipment rental, classroom use, as well as lodging and meals.  With diving and gases being so expensive in Europe, if a group of Technical divers wants to do any amount of diving or training it often ends up being more cost effective (not to mention that the diving is better) to do it in Mexico, including travel and lodging.



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