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About Yucatan Dive Trek

Yucatan Dive Trek is part of a group of companies from The Chilam Group (www.thechilamgroup.com ) that facilitate unique travel opportunities to the Mexican Caribbean coast and broader Yucatán Peninsula, focusing on nature and wildlife encounters in marine protected areas, as well as yet undiscovered cultural attractions, catering to travelers who seek extraordinary, authentic experiences.

Yucatan Dive Trek is the premier outfitter for multi-destination SCUBA diving vacations to the Mexican Caribbean coast, providing access to the best, most unique and exclusive diving opportunities while offering seamless logistics and world class pre-trip support, catering to individuals and groups alike.

At Yucatan Dive Trek we have years of experience organizing multi-destination trips to the Mexican Caribbean coast and have developed a proprietary network of partners and systems that allow us to offer you these trips as an integrated product, fully customized to your needs, wants and budget.

We manage a variety of diving packages and accommodation options as well as anything else you would like to add to your trip like adding a few days inland to go visit some of the Mayan Ruins.

In short, we can create the trip of your dreams.

Yucatan Dive Trek takes care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport until your departure.

We offer packages with private transfers or to drive around the area with a rental car.

Along your trip will be benefitied from 24h-assistance from our local representatives.

We are able to provide full-time on the ground support to solve any unforeseen situation through our offices in Playa del Carmen, Xcalak and Chetumal.



Click below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@mayabluedivecenter.com

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