Snorkel Adventures

Xcalak/ XTC Dive Center offers some of the best spots along the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. In the huge bay we can do either a short trip for 2 hours up to a 5 hours trip.

The longer the snorkel trip, the further you go and explore. There are lots of colorful corals and nursery fish inside the reef and if its flat, calm day sometimes you can access another site where there are large of schools of tarpon and horse eye jack.

We can visit to a site called the Manatee Reserve at the border of Belize where manatees are often spotted, a visit to Chetumal Bay to visit Bird Island with binoculars to observe and photograph the varied and beautiful variety of birds that meet there, both native and migratory, and on the way back, a visit to two snorkel spots inside the Xcalak Reef Marine Reserve.

Besides snorkeling, in our longer trips we spend time in the boat with binoculars, traveling through untouched mangroves on the way to an island well known for its populations of both migratory and native bird.


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